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California extends its range, with Audace, Eldorado and Touring 1400 S.E. Check out the Moto Guzzi Garage: V7 II family is even more cool!

Improving a Moto Guzzi is never easy. It takes courage, passion and skill to live up to the expectations and reputation of a legendary brand that is beloved the world over for its coveted motorcycles. The revamping of the “small” V7, available on the market to coincide with the Milan show EICMA 2014, represents a clear evolution compared to its predecessor, so much that it deserves a new name: V7 II. 
V7 II. Completely news, infinite versions. The second generation of the Moto Guzzi V7 keeps the stylistic personality of its predecessor intact: a design that dialogues between Moto Guzzi shapes from the past combined with the needs of a modern bike capable of satisfying the widest possible range of enthusiasts. At the same time, Moto Guzzi V7 II is a completely new bike in terms of technology, powertrain, ergonomics, safety, construction quality and finish and riding pleasure Moto Guzzi V7 II also marks a decisive turning point in the quality and wide range of Moto Guzzi accessories. In fact, the brand from Mandello del Lario introduces a wide range of accessories at EICMA 2014 which are dedicated to the “V7 family”. In fact, simultaneously with the Moto Guzzi V7 II commercial launch, customers will also have more than 60 brand new accessories available to them which allows a totally unique level of personalization. In addition to the vehicle accessories line, which will now be in excess of 90 items with the important new products, from the beginning of 2015 there will also be brand new helmets as well as technical and lifestyle apparel to complete a 100% ‘Made in Guzzi’ style. But that’s not all: another extremely important aspect was the design and development of numerous parts in order to allow each customer to personalise his or her V7 to the extent that it becomes a true “special” in the most diverse interpretations, from the Dark Rider to the Scrambler, from the Legend to the Dapper.
This multiplies the V7 II exponentially with respect to the three standard versions and allows each Guzzista to create a completely unique, original and “tailor made” vehicles which is still entirely compatible with the basic version. This is a new Moto Guzzi strategy that confirms the V7 as an extraordinary platform for the creation of special bikes, thanks in part to the enthusiasm with which the greatest customizers in the world take on transformations of Guzzi models into unique, magazine cover works of art. It is not by chance that at EICMA 2014 four of the most important European preparers and customizers will present their tributes to Moto Guzzi by creating as many unique versions. This important initiative launched by Moto Guzzi is just the first step in a strategic outline aimed at the progressive and continuous expansion of available accessories and the possibilities for personalisation, all associated with a painstaking eye for detail, quality and typical “Made in Italy” taste. 
Moto Guzzi Eldorado: operation flashback Eldorado is the modern and luxurious interpretation of the unforgettable 850 that made its fortune in the States. By looking at it one can see clearly how this Moto Guzzi has preserved the personality of its ancestor, drawing it from the past to the future along the path of technological evolution and stylistic continuity. The flashback effect comes out in the details: the spoke wheels, the fuel tank with chromium sides, the oversize saddle, the rear mudguard with the gem-shaped taillight, the bullhorn handlebar, the passenger grab handle. 
Moto Guzzi Audace: the muscle bike that scrapes the asphalt. Ostentatious, muscular and fierce, the Audace can be picked out immediately by its front end, made stylistically lighter by the circular headlight unit and the carbon mudguard mounted on a fork without any telescope covering. It has no chromium plating so every mechanical detail, each small exposed metallic part is dark as night, an ideal condition for fully enjoying a bike in solitude with the striking beauty of the Audace. Particular attention was given to the saddle, covered in skai with exposed red stitching, lowered in terms of the seating position and installation ready for the foldaway passenger seat. The drag handlebar is also new which, thanks to the forward position of the footpegs and the different seating level, create a longer and more dominating riding position. Another particularly elegant feature is the burnished valve covers, the rear shock absorbers with separate gas bottle and the alloy wheels personalised with the Moto Guzzi logo, as well as the minimal mirrors. 
Moto Guzzi California 1400 Touring S.E.: a change of clothes In addition to the Nero Ambassador and Bianco Eldorado versions, for 2015 the California Touring is available in a new version called “S.E.” Characterised by a new two-tone graphic, this version, which has a built-in passenger backrest and grab handle, emphasises the virtual continuity with its ancestors through the reinterpretation of various style elements. The most obvious of these are connected to the profile of the saddle, the chromium grab handle and the side panels inspired by the T3 as well as a ratio between the fuel tank and engine sizes which favours the latter, just like the style of the glorious V7 and V850.  The particular polygon shape of the headlight dominates the luxurious front end, enriched in classic California tradition by the windshield and supplementary lights, painted to match the body, as well as the new front deflectors. Intended for those who devour kilometres, the California Touring S.E. is unrivalled in terms of comfort and load capacity thanks to its generous saddle and the spacious and elegant 35 litre side panniers, the cruise control feature and the dampening action of the elastic kinematic engine mounting system.
Moto Guzzi MGX-21 The motorcycle is the product first of a humanist culture and then a technical culture. The way a population creates its mechanical steeds and in which direction they evolve, stems from the same values around which the culture is shaped. There is a breed of motorcycles that is bound to the deep heritage of a nation that went west in search of the frontier and its own identity. An epic which became culture and which, many decades later, would be christened and its story told, choosing the road as the focal point of the narrative. And narrated by a generation that rode just for the sake of riding – to live. The long and straight roads, the voyage itself intended as the place “of arrival” and one destination was as good as any other. Out of the mythology of the voyage and two wheels came the legend of the bike and the biker for those spaces and locations which always represent a frontier. Moto Guzzi was born in another part of the globe with a lake and mountains accompanying it since its first steps, but the spirit of these bikes quickly recognised travel and the horizon as the preferred destinations. Moto Guzzi immediately became a citizen of the world, but in more than ninety years of history it has built an identity strong enough that today, well founded in its values which are acknowledged by bikers on every continent, it can afford to have an eye toward the influence and incentives that the motorbike culture promotes, keeping intact – even enhancing – its uncompromisingly Italian spirit. Today Moto Guzzi progresses quickly, committed to developing a range of exceptional bikes which are built around the largest and most powerful beating heart that the eagle brand has ever made, the impressive 1400 cc V-twin. And so, alongside the new Eldorado and Audace, introducing the spectacular MGX-21. Motorcycles built in the grand Guzzi tradition, exploring new territories with a courage and boldness that Moto Guzzi has always had. MGX-21 is the emblem, the most extreme summary of this fascinating and courageous project. It is a surprising idea that opens up a new path to touring according the Moto Guzzi. MGX-21 takes and combines elements, seeks out the influence of different cultures but drafts each foundation to lead everything back to the riding experience which belongs to every Moto Guzzi. Only those who have very deep roots, those who do not suffer from an identity crisis can afford such an extreme style. Moto Guzzi can dare, can look forward, even far into the future, without uncertainty, without the fear of venturing beyond the frontier. Here is the spectacular 21” front wheel, extraordinarily evocative, here is a new and comfortable environment for the rider, but above all, here is the legendary rideability of a Moto Guzzi. And so the MGX-21 project is born with an unmistakable goal: to be a Moto Guzzi “inside”, to always feel the road running beneath its wheels, to always feel the rhythm of the large1400cc twin-cylinder between the rider’s legs which, as has been the case since 1921, is hand built on the shores of the Lario and ready for any frontier in the world.




Introducing the new generation of one of the best-selling and popular “Eagle brand” models anywhere in the world.
The new Moto Guzzi V7 II was christened thus according to Mandello tradition and it is available in three different versions, each with its own identity: Stone, Racer and Special. Moto Guzzi V7 II literally has an extra gear. In fact, making it’s début on the V7 II – and it is just the first on a long list of safety and performance technical advancements – is a new, six speed gearbox with spacing that has allowed the first and last two ratios to be reduced, decreasing the drop in rpm between one gear and the next. Along with the gearbox the clutch was also improved in order to achieve a softer action and a more even release. Moto Guzzi continues to develop solutions to increase active safety features and on the new V7 II the ABS braking system and MGCT (Moto Guzzi Controllo Trazione) system have been introduced.
The former is a two-channel system, whereas the latter is a sophisticated electronic system that ensures ideal traction in any conditions, preventing the rear wheel from sliding during acceleration, thereby averting dangerous loss of grip to increase riding safety.
The aesthetics have also evolved: on the new V7 II the engine has been tilted 4° toward the front axle and lowered 10 mm. This solution not only significantly improves the aesthetics from a side view, which on previous models seemed to have a “nose-up” look of the 90° V, but it also created more knee room. In fact, the new V7 II, which also has new 25 mm lower footpegs, provides a comfortable position even for above average height riders, while remaining accessible and “user friendly” for riders – men and women – of any size. The new Moto Guzzi V7 is available in three versions: V7 II Stone, eclectic and essential, characterised by typical ’70s colour schemes; V7 II Special, the closest to the original spirit of its ancestor, starting from the graphics inspired by the famous 1975 V750 S3; V7 II Racer that embodies the Moto Guzzi sports spirit. With its sporty set up, low handlebars and a chromium fuel tank with a leather fastening strap, V7 II Racer is a bike that was born to be ridden strictly one-up, wearing black leathers and leather stud palm gloves.
The new Moto Guzzi V7 II will be available in European markets from November 2014.



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